How To Take Care of Your Hair

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hair (1)Did you know that we all have over one hundred thousand hairs in our heads? And each hair contains three layers which are the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla. A great sign of healthy hair is shiny hair. All because the layers of the hair can lie flat and can perfectly reflect the light. But when the hair is unhealthy, the hair may separate and become dry or oily and look dull.

One way to properly take care of your hair is to distinguish the type of your hair. People with straight hair need a different hair care than people with curly hairs. But one common treatment all hair must have is that it has to be treated gently, particularly when wet. When we shower, our hair becomes vulnerable and weak leading to damages.
One of the most common dilemmas people have with hairs is either having an oily one or a dry one:

Oily Hair is mostly the result of overactive sebaceous glands in our head, creating more oil than needed. Some people think that washing oily hair two times a day is the way to get rid of oily hair, but simply rubbing talcum powder in your hair roots is enough to get rid of the annoying oily hair.

Dry Hair is mostly the result of inactive oil glands, which is the opposite result of oily hair. To properly take care of dry hair is to wash your hair only four times a week. The reason for this is to let your hair produce enough oil for your hair to bring it back to normal.

hair (2)Hairstyling is also one of the common reasons of hair damages. Styling products like straightening or curling irons can make an oily hair dry if overused. So the best way to still use these products without overusing it is to read the instructions carefully and never use them while your hair is wet. If you frequently use irons, it’s good to take a break from these irons from time to time to let your hair “breath”.


Chemical products, just like styling products can severely harm the hair if not used properly. When committing to chemical products like hair colours, be sure to entrust it with hair professionals or stylists. There are two types of colour for hair, the permanent and the semi-permanent, not using it carefully can lead to allergic reactions like rashes and hair loss so be wary using these products.

Some added tips about your hair:

hair (3)• Refrain from using hair brushes – although it seems to make our hair shiner, brushing can lead to hair breakage, which can cause split ends. If you just finished taking a shower, it’s best to use a regular comb to fix your hair rather than a brush.

• Visit your local salon frequently – both men and women should, at least, get their hair trimmed quite regularly. Trimming your hair not only lets you get rid of split ends, but it also helps you to rejuvenate your hair.

• Don’t believe everything advertisements say – products mostly blabber lies all the time just to sell, so it’s best to be smart these days. Only use products you need and pieces of stuff that you have effectively used before.

• Embrace what you have – realize that everyone is different when it comes to hairs. People have thick, think, curly, straight, wavy hair. And that’s okay; don’t force your hair to make it something that it’s not because this may lead to serious damages.

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