What is makeup “baking”?

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A new term “baking” has started hitting the market lately, and there are many people who just don’t know what that means. In the beauty world, this term has become the latest thing, but many workers in this industry are also not familiar with it. Well, to put it shortly, “baking” is a makeup technique, but not many people agree on what it exactly means and how exactly do you achieve this technique.


Some experts claim that “baking” is achieved by letting the concealer melt into the skin under your eyes by keeping it there for 10 minutes. Other claim that this technique is achieved by patting that area of your face with thick layers of powder, letting it sit there for about ten minutes, and than brushing it away. Many people disagree on how it gets done, but most of the beauty experts agree that only the ones who have successfully done it could clear this up for us. So, we went ahead and talked to some of the beauty experts, and picked their brains about this subject.


In contrast to what some people may think, “baking” is a very old technique, and has been around for some time, but most people have just never heard of it, according to these experts. They claim that this technique basically consists of applying concealer the heavier way and letting it set with the loose powder. This technique is mostly employed by TV personalities, stage actresses, as well as some other types of performers. This technique is very popular among them due to the fact that it gives a matte finish that covers pretty much everything, and gives the impression that the skin is perfect.

However, if this technique has been around for a long time, then why has it become popular just recently? Well, one theory suggests that this is the case due to the fact that only recently has it gotten the name “baking”. Prior to that, this technique didn’t have a name, and so when the name came up, people have started calling it that way, and it became popular right away.

Makeup-techniek-bakingIt is achieved by applying a very thick layer of any concealer in the form of a triangle that is upside down. It should be noted that it usually gets applied under the eyes. Then the edges are to be blended in such a way that they almost disappear into the foundation that you have applied prior to this concealer. Then, after that, you are to apply a thin layer of face powder, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Only then should you dust it away with a makeup brush that needs to be clean!

Even though that this technique offers a great look for you, experts claim that it shouldn’t be overdone, and should not be used every day. They say that using it for public appearances is all right, but there is no need to use this technique when going out to the store or out for a drink with a friend.

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